Tell me if this sounds familiar. You are a Software Engineer making some kind of project, ready to practice your awesome coding skillz. You’ve spent time learning how to render your front-end app, you have a lot of cool interactivity, things are loading pretty quickly, and you can any element to wherever you want on the page. On a technical level, your site is looking pretty good. But it can quickly become boring if you don’t have the right assets added to it. Your code may be a work of art, but sometimes you need some actual artwork & icons…

I was recently given a programming assignment where I had to create a API server that would be connected to a database. That’s easy enough. But one of the deliverables was that the primary key be a UUID instead of the standard integer Primary Key we’re all used to. It was honestly my first time hearing about them. When I was learning MySQL, I remember a passage from a book saying something along the lines of

When you design your database, you will find that sometimes you can let the database auto-increment a number for you as a key, but…

Lame parody of Metal Slug Double X poster with the word URL replacing the word Metal
Lame parody of Metal Slug Double X poster with the word URL replacing the word Metal

Whelp, it’s time to make a new web app using Rails. Time to go into cruise control. You created your model, let’s say it’s called Items, your controller, and routes. After everything has been set up, you push it online and your users now have to go to a URL that looks like “/items/456” . That doesn’t really feel right. A user could save that link, but they’ll never be able to infer what it is. And imagine if you had to reseed your database, or something. That URL would be useless then. The professional sites you see online don’t…

By the end of this article, we’ll make a game that would make Allan Alcorn and Nolan Bushnell proud!

If you are anything like I was, you came into the programming world with some kind of fantasy of making your own video game.Maybe dreams of making something on the PS360 or the Xbox Advance. But you don’t have to limit yourself to waiting until you work for a videogame company. You can make something right now for the browser you’re using right now. So here is a quick example of making a browser game using HTML, Canvas, Javascript and some knowledge of the Atari VCS(aka Atari 2600).

While working through javascript, you’ll coming across a lot of situation where you will need to add some if statements and conditionals which will decide what type of expression you will run or what deciding what function to run. After working on some bigger projects &labs, you’ll find that your program will have a bunch of lines that you may not need. Though the conditions are unique, you’ll find you are kind of repeating yourself in a way. There is a way you can bring the number lines of code down a bit and it is using something called Short-Circuiting…

Just before we begin, I wanted to give you a fair warning. The example i’m going to use will be a case of using TTY-Prompt where my user input was controlled. Because it was controlled , the returning values were controlled as well. This will save you energy so long as you avoid being careless. This can work if you loose up some of the user input restrictions, but just know that the possibility of something going wrong becomes greater. If you act too reckless, this will bite you in the butt.

Warning screen from the Jackass tv show.
Warning screen from the Jackass tv show.
Be reckless, just be smart about it too

As a fairly new student/practitioner of Ruby, there…

Luis Reyes Bartolome

Software Engineer: lvl 4; Geek: lvl 5 — LFG

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